The surveyor team was very professional from start to finish, extremely knowledgeable and delighted with the state of the facility. During the survey, the surveyor team explained to the staff what to expect during each step of the process. Because of this open communication, the staff felt comfortable with the surveyor team during their interviews with them. We will use NDAC again and recommend them highly to other dialysis providers.

S.M. - Area Clinic Manager

NDAC has been a pleasure to work with.  Their surveyors’ methodologies are consistent, predictable, and reasonable, and in line with customary ESRD regulations. They turn around written reports incredibly quickly.  Their response time to requests and applications has been timely and faster than anything we’ve experienced in the past.

W.E. - Vice President

Large Dialysis Provider

We received our Medicare certification letter for our new clinic in record time… much faster than if we would have gone through and waited for our state survey agency.

Dialysis Manager

NDAC is head and shoulders above anyone else when it comes to knowing not only ESRD compliance, but also the dialysis business.  They understand.

R.D. - Compliance Officer

You look at the things that matter.

A.B. - Administrator

NDAC brings a whole new day to the survey process!

S.L. - Vice President

Large Dialysis Provider