Accreditation Services

NDAC Accreditation of Dialysis Facilities

Accreditation is an option allowing healthcare providers to choose a private organization for oversight by demonstrating their ability to meet the healthcare standards of an accreditation organization. National Dialysis Accreditation Commission (NDAC) is a dialysis accreditation organization formed by dialysis experts to provide accreditation services exclusively to the dialysis industry. The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services approval of NDAC’s program allows NDAC-accredited providers to receive deemed status as a route to Medicare certification. Dialysis providers can be assured the NDAC standards are familiar and widely known as they closely mirror the CMS Conditions for Coverage for  ESRD.

NDAC processes for accreditation surveys are required to be equivalent to the CMS survey processes.  This means that NDAC timelines for returning reports, requiring plans of correction, and correction of a deficient practice will be familiar as they are the same as those used by the state.  But while states are tasked by CMS to survey each facility every three years, and many do not, NDAC is required to resurvey each of their accredited facilities within 36 months of the previous survey. This required timeline provides, compliance consistency, predictability and promotes maintaining “survey readiness.”


Dialysis providers utilizing NDAC’s accreditation service benefit in the following ways:

  • Faster speed-to-market for initial approval of denovo dialysis clinics compared to navigating through the certification process with a state health department
  • Predictable survey interval
  • Prompt surveys for service additions (such as adding home hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis to an in-center clinic) as well as for station expansions
  • Consistent interpretation of dialysis Standards/regulations by field surveyors (I.e., no variability from surveyor to surveyor or from State to State)
  • Outside review of facilities by dialysis experts
  • Demonstrated commitment to improved quality, lowered risks, and improved patient outcomes

NDAC’s 5-Step Program to Accreditation and Deemed Status

Contact the NDAC office to speak with a representative – We are happy to provide information and an assessment of your needs.

Execute the NDAC Accreditation Agreement and Business Associate Agreement.

Complete the NDAC Accreditation Application and submit the application fee.

Prepare your organization for meeting NDAC’s Standards and submit your Letter of Readiness for survey to NDAC.

Participate collaboratively in hosting the unannounced NDAC survey and successfully correct any identified deficiencies within the prescribed timeframe.