Regulatory and Compliance


Our standards are familiar and widely known in the U.S. dialysis provider community.  They largely mirror Medicare’s Conditions for Coverage with a notable exception that our Standards include the most current and industry accepted 2019 AAMI recommendations of lower limits for micro and endotoxin levels for water and dialysate.

Interpretive Guidelines

Before NDAC conducts an accreditation survey, all NDAC customers receive our Interpretive Guidelines which provide a full and comprehensive explanation of our Standards.  The clinical and administrative staff of all the dialysis providers we serve benefit from these easy-to-read interpretations which ensures consistency from State-to-State and from Surveyor-to-Surveyor with zero variation.

State Information

As of Q3 2023, there are 26 States plus Puerto Rico which require providers to obtain a State license prior to providing outpatient dialysis treatments.  After that initial State licensing survey, some States will recognize NDAC accreditation as meeting the State survey requirements for licensing resurveys, effectively eliminating future routine state licensing visits. 

Life Safety Code

In accordance with CMS Conditions for Coverage, NDAC Standards also include provisions for dialysis providers to comply with all Life Safety Code (LSC) requirements.  While most ESRD facilities qualify for a LSC waiver, if a survey is required, NDAC will conduct this survey using experienced LSC dialysis surveyors. The need for an LSC survey is identified and scheduled promptly to minimize any delay in achieving full accreditation.